official-planCity Planning manages growth and guides new developments in ways that address neighbourhood, citywide and provincial priorities.

Planning policy documents issued by the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario address a variety of topics including land use, built form, housing, transportation, parks and open spaces, heritage features and community facilities.  The provincial and municipal policies direct urban growth to certain areas of the City and address how growth should occur.  These policy documents all recognize that each neighbourhood of the City is unique and that it is important to consider the range of policies and guidelines while also responding to the diverse characteristics of an existing neighbourhood.

The development proposal for 2978 Dundas St. West responds to these urban planning policies and design guidelines to ensure that it fits within the surrounding neighbourhood context.

Planning Rationale (Full Report)

The Planning Rationale report provides a detailed description of the redevelopment proposal for 2978 Dundas Street West and the surrounding context, addressing the proposal in relation to broader policies and guidelines.

Toronto’s Avenues and Mid-Rise Performance Standards (City guidelines)

Dundas Street West is designated an Avenue under Toronto’s Official Plan. Avenues are growth corridors meant to support intensification, primarily through mid-rise development in buildings of 3-11 storeys.  The City established this document to guide development along the Avenues in ways that are compatible with the surrounding context.